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Friday, April 17, 2009

Backed from Australia

Hubby and I just came back from Australia.

The flights are extremely on time for Air Asia and Jet Star. We arrived at the destination earlier than the estimate arrival time.

We are on free and easy for this trip and everything was running smoothly.

We check in to the hotels in Sydney and Gold Coast without any problem. The hotel in Sydney is very nice with a cert published rating 4-star. It is real nice and we enjoy staying there and was always taking away our dinner backed to enjoy. Our only dissatisfaction was on the hotel in Gold Coast. The hotel is said to own a 3-star rating, but to us it merely have a star!!! All the wooden furniture are ROTTING!!! And most horrible that it is HAUNTED!!! Someone disturb me while I bath! I prayed hard to leave this god damn hotel as soon as possible.

For the destinations and attractions, Sydney is better compared to Gold Coast. Sydney's buildings are more toward England style, classically and beautifully built. Most of the attraction are free of charge! While Gold Coast as a place where theme parks are welly-known had mostly a charged entrance fee for every attraction. I prefer Sydney and hubby promised to bring me backed to Sydney next time.

I will describe in detail the attractions we visited in the coming post. Please come back in few days time to follow up!