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Friday, July 9, 2010

Town of history - Melaka

Last month, hubby and I went to Melaka for a short trip. We have longed to visit this town of history, but the plans before used to failed due to the fact that most of us think that Melaka has nothing much to see. And the actual fact is that the town of Melaka is really very small, one can always finished sight-seeing the city by driving for at most 10 minutes! Visiting Malacca is a unique experience; its rich historical background earned it a World Heritage Site designation in July 2008.

Overall, this trip consist of eat and see only, no shopping was done! We also found that the sun is stronger in Melaka, we sweated like pig! We sweat when we eat, sweat when we walk around, sweat once walking out of the hotel's room. Gosh, I can't stand hot since I have allergy skin, I'll start feeling itchy when I feel too hot. Try imagine a monkey walking on the street? LOL.

However, though it's air is warm in Melaka, I'm sure I'll be back (to eat)!!!

Jonker Walk

In front of a temple near Jonker Street

Christ Church

Muzium Samudera

A Famosa Fort

Chicken ball rice

Another chicken ball rice and delicious cendol - MUST TRY!
It's the most tasty cendol I've ever tried......

Durian cendol near Jonker Walk

Best food in Melaka - Satay celup - MUST TRY!!!

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wenn said...

it's interesting to visit Melaka.