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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cheap Aussie dollars

Hubby and I will go Australia in April, 2009. We’ve bought air tickets during Air Asia Free Seat promotion in mid-year 2008. I’m planning way long before the date, asking travel agencies to quote us ground trip.

I’ve also checked with money changers last few months, which let me know that the rate is $3.20. That means I need to use RM3,200.00 to buy Aussie $1,000.00.

Recently, my friends told me that Aussie is dropping. They advised me to buy it earlier to avoid it going up again. I check it out in Ipoh’s money changer, rating $2.50.

During the trip to KL in Deepavali, we found that a money changer in One Utama Shopping Mall’s selling at $2.46.

Gosh, we didn’t bring that much of cash with us! So hubby called our brother-in-law for an emergency help! He banked in the money to my banking account immediately. In the other hand, we withdraw it directly at the ATM machine! Thanks a lot for his help indeed!

We changed Aussie $1,000.00. I’m not sure whether this enough for us. But, since we would bring our credit card along, I don’t think we’ll face much problem.

So, go and change some foreign currency now if you were to go travel to foreign country! This would probably save you a lot!

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