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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ripley's Believe It or Not! in Genting Highland

This is one of the interesting place to go if you are in Genting Highland, I took some pictures in it to show all of you. There are many more to see inside it. So, if you are going to Genting Highland, don't miss it out!

All who touches it will pregnant???

Ball and chain
Used throughout thistory to restrain prisoners without incarcerating them, prisoners wearing ball and chain were often used as free labor. Believe It or Not! Chained gallery slaves helped explorers to chart the Seven Seas.

Genuine English Prison Doors
Assemble with iron plate and weighing several hundred pounds, these doors were remove from Strangeways Prison in Northern of England. The prisoners at Strangeways Prison had no sunlight, no contact between each other except when their food was passed thru the central sliding slot.

Mortuary feast figure
Referred to as a “ampatong”, this huge figure carved from one solid log is used in celebrations of death and rebirth on the Island of Borneo.

Genuine shrunken head
Believe It or Not! This head came from a normal sized person. The Jivaro Indians of Ecuador claim their enemies’ heads as symbols of bravery and display them, reduced to fist size, as war tropies.

Naga buffalo bone breastplate
The Naga people of Burma have long ben regarded as fearless warriors and bloodthirty headhunters! Shown here is a chieftain’s ceremonial breatplate necklace made from the shoulder bone of a large water buffalo, and featuring carved depictions of eight decapitated trophy heads. Believe It or Not!

Giant chippendale chair
Billed as “The World’s Tallest Man” Johann Petursson of Iceland became quite wealthy and liked to decorate his home with fine furniture customized to fit both, his budget and his 8’8”, 425-pound body!

Antique child’s dentist chair c. 1904
Built in 1904, this two-thirds sized dentist’s chair prevented children from escaping, or moving very far, enabling the dentist to perform his tasks.

Torture chair
This is a replica of the feared seat of agony from the Royal Castle of Nuremberg. One can imagine how easy it must have been to extort confessions from naked victims who were strapped and bolted onto this excruciating painful chair.Believe It or Not!

The world’s luckiest chair or good luck at Genting
Many societies believe horseshoes are symbol of good luck and in some countries, gambles believe touching a horseshoes will increase their chances of winning. Here at Ripley’s we invite you to take a seat in the world’s luckiest chair – A chair made entirely out of lucky horseshoes – in an attempt to increase your luck. Go ahead and take a seat – it might just off later.

The original siamese twins
Born in 1811, Chang and Eng unkers, world famous Siamese twin were bound together at the breastbone by a band of flesh and muscle less then 3” long! Believe It or Not! Chang had 10 children and Eng had a family of 12!

Megalodon shark jaw
The prehistotic Megalodon shark, a relative of today’s great white shark, grew to a length of 45 feet and had teeth nearly 7 inches in length! The Mgalodon was bigger than the average WWII fighter plane, and their jaws were large enough to bite a small car!

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