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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hong Kong trip - Day 1

On this very 1st day to Hong Kong, my FIL was very excited, we started our journey by taking Yoyo bus to LCCT on 7.30am, reaching LCCT around 12pm.

After a speedy check-in with a kiosk while I don't know why so many people still waiting in the long long queue, we just drop off our luggage at a specific counter. And off we went to KFC for lunch. Not long after lunch, it's time for boarding, we then went into the air craft which flies us all the way to Hong Kong.

LCCT - AirAsia - The air craft to carry us to Hong Kong - Depart 1.50pm

Arrived at HKIA by 5.45pm

Waiting for transit to claim our baggage

Done claiming our luggage, we went to the customer service dept in the airport, bought Airport Express tickets and Octopus cards. Octopus card is a must in Hong Kong, it can be used to pay for MTR, and buy things, even McDonald's accept Octopus card for payment! With Airport Express, we reached Kowloon Station for free shuttle bus to ferry us to the Royal Plaza Hotel.

Heading for Airport Express to ferry us to our hotel

Our accommodation in Hong Kong - Royal Plaza Hotel

Reaching hotel around 7.30pm, all of us took a simple dinner at the connected shopping mall next to the hotel, and went straight to The Peak (not even taking bath - can you smell something?).

The Peak Tram

Since it was late by the time we reach The Peak, we had not much time left to visit Madame Tussauds Wax Museam. We could snap some photos outside the was museum though.

Madame Tussauds Wax Museam

We didn't took nice photos at The Peak, those who familiar with DSLR will know why. We forgot to bring the tripod. If one need to shoot nice photo with a DSLR camera, one have to fix the camera on a tripod to avoid "shaking effect".

View from The Peak
The only nice photo took with the elbow and wrist steadied on the pole and brick fence *sigh*

Next, we walked from The Peak Tram station to Lan Kwai Fong - a place filled with pubs.

Lan Kwai Fong

Then, we walked on the Mid-Level escalator towards SOHO.

On the Mid-Level escalator


That finished our trip on the 1st day of arriving Hong Kong. Quite a lot of places covered huh?


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