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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hong Kong trip - Day 3

For the 3rd day, we went Mongkok for breakfast, all of us ordered wanton mee and add-on a polo bun. Hong Kong's wanton mee is a bit different from ours, their mee is harder and the wanton is bigger. Polo bun is more or less same with what we can get locally, but it's still hot when served.

Breakfast at Mongkok

Right after breakfast, we take MTR to Wong Tai Sin station to visit this famous temple which shows a lot in Hong Kong drama. Wong Tai Sin is a Chinese deity popular in Hong Kong with the power of healing. Everyday Hong Kong people flock to this temple to wish for good health and prosperity. I've made my wish there, hope it will comes true!

Wong Tai Sin temple

Next, we travel back to Mongkok for the Ladies' Street, Sneakers Street and Goldfish Market. If you are going to Mongkok, do visit Argyle Centre. My MIL and I manage to grab each a handbag and a pair of shoes!

Ladies' Street

A shot of Ladies' Street from the connected bridge from hotel

A stall selling "smelly tau fu"

Nightclub in Mongkok?

Okay, we had been walking for some time. So we randomly chose a restaurant to dine in which I didn't even feel like eating when I saw the food served (I may be due to my fussy taste, nothing wrong with the food, just my taste's different).

Lunch in Mongkok

After a late lunch at 3pm, my FIL and MIL decided to head back to the hotel, take some rest before meeting up with a relative who came from Dong Guan, China. She will be coming to meet us at hotel lobby by 6pm.

Saw this Hong Kong Jockey Club on the way back to hotel

Hubby and I sent my FIL and MIL back to hotel and went back to Mongkok! LOL! Non-stop shopping! No la, not shopping actually, both of us enjoy window shopping. We shopped until 5pm, until both our legs were too heavy to walk back. LOL!

Our relative was waiting at the hotel lobby for us by 5.30pm, she brought us to a restaurant for dinner. It's the most proper dinner we had since we reached Hong Kong. I think this dinner is quite expensive!

The most proper dinner we had since we reached Hong Kong

Group photo with our dear relative

Our relative then brought us to visit another relative who accidentally broken his leg while working. He is hubby's grandpa's younger brother. Thus my FIL called him "Sei Sok" - Fourth uncle. He and his family stayed in govt. flat which we used to hear in Hong Kong drama - Gong Ok. I only snapped some photos outside, dared not snapped pics inside the house!

The govt. flats in Ngau Tau Gok

The corridor leading to "Sei Sok"'s house

Without wasting our time in Hong Kong, we took MTR to Yau Ma Tei. We went to the Temple Street, nothing much to describe, it looked like our "pasar malam".

Temple Street

One of the shop at Temple Street