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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hong Kong trip - Day 4

Wow, it took so long for me to upload the 4th day's photos.

Well, the 4th day is our Disneyland Day! This particular day, Hong Kong started to get warmer, and we were burned in the afternoon. We stayed and enjoy in Disneyland for a whole day and went to Hollywood Hotel which is one of the HK Disneyland's hotel to have buffet dinner.

Before we took MTR to Disneyland, we had our breakfast at a restaurant in the shopping mall next to the hotel. This is the best dim-sum restaurant we have been to during our stay in Hong Kong.

The Jade Garden

After breakfast, we took MTR to Disneyland. The Disneyland train that ferry us to Disneyland was fully decorated with everything in Mickey Mouse's shape!

Heading to Disneyland

Disneyland is kids' wonderland, but we do enjoy everything there. It's like we have entered a fairyland! I snapped thousands of pics! Everything is so nice, so fairy-tale......

We went into the souvenirs shop, and snapped photos again! LOL! However, I do bought a lock and key there. When walking around within the shop, I discovered a denim bag with Mickey Mouse design, I like it at first sight! But I think it's too expensive, so I drop the idea. I was so in love with the bag until I accidentally carried it out of the shop without knowing about it!!! But still, I was so stingy, I don't think it worth buying.

In the souvenir shop

Throughout the day, we only managed to catch 4 cartoon characters for photo session. When we first reached there, Mickey and Minnie was there, but the queue is too long for us to wait. We thought we could meet them again later, but no more! But then, we were lucky enough to get others!

Photo session with carton characters

We watch some shows too! High School Musical Show, Lion King Show and The Stitch Show. The Stitch Show is the funniest but video recording was not allow, so can't show you all how funny. Be sure to watch the show when you go Disneyland!

High School Musical Show

Lion King Show

There are many rides in Disneyland, we didn't take all. We chose those recommended by their staff.

It's a small world - Boat ride

The river cruise - the animals seem real but they aren't!

When it comes to 3pm, when the parade will be on, most of the place on the road side filled up with people. We were fortunate to get a shady place too!

When it's getting darker, we sat down waiting for the firework! The firework is amazing!!!

Night view in Disneyland

The wonderful firework

Right after the firework, we didn't go back to the city. We headed toward Hollywood Hotel in Disneyland to enjoy our buffet dinner. They have made many foods in Mickey Mouse's shape. The tables and chairs are with Mickey Mouse's shape too. The best thing to have in the buffet is the Alaska Crab Leg - it's tasty and expensive if you were to buy other place!

We met up with Goofy just outside the restaurant, we took turn to snap photos and off we went to the shuttle bus station waiting for the bus to ferry us back to MTR station. That ends our day!